Weels: A Hands-free Segway that is built to last

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At Weels, we believe that if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right. There is the easy way, and then there is the right way, and far too often, the easy way has a tendency to cut corners. That isn’t, in our estimation, the best method of producing a quality product.

That is why we have gone over and beyond with our Hands-free Segway. Our production took direct aim at the common scruples that consumers have had with similar products, and tackles them, directly.

Many purchasers told us they were unimpressed with how similar products came with inferior wheels. Given the pivoting motion inherent in the operation of a Hands-free Segway, the tyres had to be created of a strong, lasting premium compound. Done.

This same pivoting motion was putting considerably stress on the rims and the hubs. Some were becoming prone to warping over time, or simply breaking, a problem that was not helping to assure clients of the safety of their ride. We created a wheel constructed of high-strength iron, ensuring that they simply would not break, regardless of the strain placed upon them.

We created a battery with over 10% more longevity than our competitors. We know you don’t want the ride to end on our terms. You want to keep going. At Weels, we let that happen.

We included twin 350W engines with plenty of torque, to eliminate the risk of overheating or overwork, regardless of the size of the rider. That is why we are able to accommodate riders up to 132kg. We overbuild.

But why take our word for it?

Contact us today, and experience the best-value and strongest hands-free Segway on the market.

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