Getting Prepped: How to train for a Hands-free Segway

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If you’re a junkie of the internet, like so many of us are, you may well have witnessed an internet sensation: someone using his hands-free segway for a truly unflattering moment.

Right now, if you plug Mike Tyson’s name in to Youtube, you will see the usual assortment of clips from one of the most dominant pugilists of the last century. Let’s face it: in his prime, Tyson was the Don Bradman of boxing. But even in that illustrious career, a world-famous one at that, Tyson’s epic stack on his Christmas present of a hands-free Segway stands at #2 on the list.

And sure, Youtube is driven by viral videos. It will likely recede from the public consciousness as quickly as it arrived, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold any usefulness as a training tool.

Hands-free segways impart motion based on motion imparted. In layman’s terms, that means that subtlety reigns supreme. You simply cannot crank a hands-free Segway around too aggressively at first; remember, be gentle and take it easy, as you begin. Hear that, Mike?

Secondly, the surface you are on can make a huge difference to the reaction of the segway. While your hands-free segway can tackle a wide range of different environments, you are wise to keep to the smoother tarmac in your early days. You will be less prone to overcorrecting your balance on the flat stuff, and can build some better discipline in your knees and ankles.

Luckily, you will have the forgiving construction and outstanding workmanship to encourage your practice. Review these tips. Then get out there and enjoy yourself on your Weels!

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