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Q) How fast can I go?
A) Much faster than walking or jogging (and way more fun.) On your Weels you can go 15kmph-20kmph (depending on body weight and ride conditions.)

Q) Is there a weight limit?
A) A generous 132kg is the weight limit.
Fun fact – Weels boards operate with 10% more weight than any other board on the market.

Q) How hard is it to ride the Weels board?
A) We believe walking is in the past, weels is the future. So we’ve made Weels easy and intuitive. Most people are able to ride freely after about 15 minutes.

Q) How long does the battery last?
A) The battery takes 120 minutes for a full charge and will last up to 20km.*
We use the best battery on the market (link to specs?) to make sure you get the best performance out of your board.

Q) How durable are Weels?
A) Extremely. We designed Weels boards to keep going in rain, wind and sand. Your Weels board will be able to handle hard bumps and sharp turns. Unlike other boards on the market, at Weels we use only the toughest and the best quality materials (link to specs?), from the electrical components, to the battery and of course the wheels themselves.
Our products are made to last.
Please note: We DO NOT recommend intentionally getting your Weels wet.

Q) Do I need to service my Weels?
A) Being a self-balancing board, Weels relies on every element to work precisely. To get that precision spot on it may be necessary to service your board. We are the only company that offers board service in Australia, just so you can keep it as perfect as when you first bought it.

Q) Is my board covered by a warranty?
A) All our Weels boards come with a 1-year Australian warranty to protect against manufacturer defects. Our service department is located in Sydney (link)?
Please note: Any damage incurred by improper usage/negligence would not be covered by the warranty.

Q) I broke my board can you help me?
A) We’re here to help. When you buy a Weels board you have peace of mind knowing that our factory is based in Sydney. You don’t have to send your board overseas; we have qualified technicians that specialise in all types of repairs to damaged or broken boards right here in Australia.

Q) I live in a remote Australian area can you deliver?
A) We happily ship Australia wide; wherever you live Weels is for you.

Q) How long will it take for delivery?
A) If you live in a metro suburb it will normally take 5-7 working days to arrive to your door.

Q) Do you offer an express shipping service?
A) Yes we do. Just contact us and we will arrange express shipping service for you.

Q) What is your Returns Policy?
A) We want you to love your Weels as much as we do. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we give you up to 14 days to return your Weels for your money back.
Please note: returns with cosmetic damage will not be accepted.

*Dependent on weight, road conditions, temperature.