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Convert to a new way of moving.

Welcome to Weels HQ where we believe that walking is in the past and Weels is the future.


Introducing Weels. Australia’s first self-balancing scooter with dual gyros.
Quick. Easy. Fun.

With the best specifications on the market, our team is passionate about sharing 35 years’ electronic design and 20 years’ technical engineering expertise to
provide you with a superior experience.

We’ve used the latest technology in every element from the 350watt rapid T turn motors, reinforced components, full cast iron wheels and tyres that last 37% longer than those used on inferior products.
At a touch over 10 kilos it weighs less than some school bags! We are a proudly 100% Australian owned brand and your Weels board is guaranteed by a 100% Australian backed warranty. We also have the only board service centre in Australia so you and your board are in good hands.

Weels makes A to B easy.


The nitty gritty

700watts twin 350watt rapid T turn motors
Better performance
Dramatically less motor strain
Less motor overheating
Allows you to reach 20kmph
4400mA dry-cell rapid Samsung battery
Just like using premium fuel in your car, using premium batteries affects the performance of your board. We use the largest battery on the market, which helps you get the most out of the twin 350watt motors and gives you up to 15km of power. So your ride is always ready when you are.
Reinforced components and structure
Weels electronic components are built to last. With a combined electronics design background of 35 years and 20 years of technical engineering; we know our stuff.
By using the best material structure components the strength and rigidity of the board means that it will operate with 10% more weight than any other board on the market (132kg).
Weels wheels
For better riding performance and handling we use full cast iron wheels on our products.
Long life tyres
With a 37% longer life span than the tyres used on cheaper boards, you are guaranteed a better ride on Weels. We use premium compound rubber that means your tyres last longer and you can get to where you are going with no hassle.


It’s all fun and games…but we put safety first. Protective wear is always recommended when riding your Weels. Don’t forget your helmets, gloves, wrist guards, kneepads, protective clothing and footwear.
For the younger Weels rider (under 14 years old) adult supervision is recommended.
NOT recommended for use on the road.
You may be tempted, but DO NOT pick up your board by the wheel.